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We are a full service, small animal hospital located in Fort Richmond, 2 minutes inside the South Perimeter, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have been serving South Winnipeg and the surrounding areas since 1970. Centennial Animal Hospital offers advanced veterinary care as well as medical, surgical and dental services. We provide the latest in technology from laser surgery to digital radiology. In 1986 we added professional grooming and pet boarding to our list of services. In 2003 we expanded our facilites and started offering doggie daycare and obedience training.

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July News

Fast Tips for a Safe Summer


The biggest concerns for pets during the summer months include:

  •  Keeping your pet safe in a vehicle
  • Traveling safe with your pet

  • Scorching hot summer days can skyrocket temperatures in a parked vehicle. Keeping your pet safe while going for a car ride is absolutely essential. Whether traveling short or long distances, there are a few tips to prevent unwanted stress and ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone:

  • If possible, always be sure to restrain your dog or cat in a rear seat using a pet harness. In the case of a collision or a sudden brake slam, pets can be thrown about, leading to possible injury, and even injury to a passenger. Do not let you pet roam the vehicle freely, as this can inhibit correct driving, as well as cause serious or fatal injury in the case of airbag deployment.
  • Never leave your animal inside the vehicle on either very cold or very hot days. Even in the shade on a hot day, the internal temperature can elevate to numbers double that of outside. Even with a window open, this can lead to serious injury or even death.

  • Summertime is the time for travel, and the International Pet & Animal Transportation Association offer you the best tips on how to prepare your pet for travel:

  • Always ensure a vet visit before departure.
  • Have your clinic provide an updated health certificate and vaccination record to have available for border crossings, etc.
  • Be sure to check ahead for weather conditions. We are all affected by weather changes, and your pet is no different. Be prepared for delays or cancellations.
  • Prepare your pet for travel by acclimating them to a crate or vehicle ahead of time.
  • If traveling a far distance of relocating, consider hiring a pet shipper.    

  • Fast Tips for the Safe Camper

    Winter is not only known to get us down, but our pets as well. With the forthcoming warmth and trips to the cottage or camping, there are some basic safety tips to keep your furry friends happy and healthy this summer:

  • Wherever your destination lies this summer, be sure to note the closest vet location, and ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. While rabies is uncommon, wild animals in the great outdoors can still pose a threat. Keeping an eye on your pet outside is always advisable.
  • Be sure to check your pet several times daily for parasites, such as ticks.
  • If swimming falls into your plans, be sure to remove your pet’s collar or leash. This prevents any possible entanglements on branches or debris. If boating or fishing, be cautious when casting off, so as not to accidentally catch a hook on your pet. A pet life-jacket is also a wonderful plan!
  • When dealing with campfires, always exercise caution. Pets can be incredibly inquisitive, so take extra care and keep them far back from smoke and sparks. As with children, never leave your pet unattended by a fire, whether open or enclosed. If your pet wanders in too far and catches a stray spark or nudges a log, carefully bathe the area with clean, cold water.
  • If tenting is your method of choice, be sure your dog is familiar to sleeping outside! Barking and growling will not make you a popular camping neighbor. Prepare by popping a tent and having practice sleepovers in the backyard.
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