Dr. Hickling


As a child, Dr. Hickling loved to spend time playing with and learning about animals on farms owned by friends and family. Her fascination with biology and physiology led to a decision that she wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. In practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Hickling enjoys the continuous learning experience that veterinary medicine provides, and she fosters her learning by reading journals, attending seminars, and with ongoing discussions with colleagues.

In 2010 Dr. Hickling was awarded Manitoba Veterinarian of the Year. She has volunteered for the Canadian Animal Blood Bank and is grateful to the donors and their families for their continued support in this valuable service. She is also a member of the Peer Review Committee, an organization charged with making decisions on complaints lodged against practicing veterinarians. Other areas of professional interest include emergency medicine, oncology, pocket pets, and exotic pets.

Dr. Hickling recognizes that each animal is individual and unique. She believes that a key factor in veterinary medicine is listening to owners' questions and comments to help direct treatment for pets who cannot speak for themselves. Apart from diagnosing and treating diseases, she believes in doing whatever is possible to control pain and make animals comfortable.

In her personal life, Dr. Hickling and her partner Brad have two children. Their first child Aiden was born in 2003 and their second, Keira, in early 2006. Both kids love stopping by mommy's work to visit all the animals. As far as pets go, they've adopted Mishka, who joined the family in 2003 when her former owner moved to India, Phantom, who was found as a kitten in 2009, and the most recent addition Clover, a high-energy border collie cross they adopted on St. Patrick's Day from Winnipeg Animal Services.

Dr. Hickling's outside interests include music, cycling, and gardening. She has even been known to cycle to work in -30 weather. She regularly volunteers at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Concern for the environment and the welfare of all animals has led her to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

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Water Intoxication

Water Intoxication in Dogs

Does your dog like to play in the water? Too much of a good thing can be dangerous, so look out for water intoxication!Water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia is a relatively rare but potentially fatal condition that is most commonly seen in dogs that love to play in the water. Water games that involve retrieving items or diving into pools to catch toys can cause them to ingest large quantities of water very quickly. It can also happen when they “catch” pressurized water from sprinklers or hoses.Excessive amounts of water cause the body to lose sodium. The body's cells begin to fill with water and swell. If the cells in the brain swell, it can affect the central nervous system which can be fatal.Symptoms include:loss of coordination lethargy bloating vomiting glazed eyes excessive salivation difficulty breathing seizures comaWater intoxication progresses quickly so if your pet has been playing in the water and begins to show any of the signs mentioned above, it's crucial to seek veterinary care immediately to save your dog's life.Treatment of water intoxication typically includes IV delivery of electrolytes, diuretics and drugs to reduce brain swelling. With aggressive veterinary care, some dogs are able to recover, but sadly, many do not.It's important to closely watch dogs that are very active in water and ensure they take regular breaks in between playing. Be especially careful on days when the water is rough. If your dog empties their water bowl after playing hard or exercise, ensure they are rested before refilling the bowl.Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of water intoxication to keep your furry family member safe!If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 204-269-8162 or by email at info@centennialanimalhospital.com.Written by Centennial Animal Hospital

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