Dr. Paetkau


Dr. Paetkau started working at Centennial as a veterinarian in September 2010. She's been working with animals since the age of 16 and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. She spent some time working in Alberta before moving back home to Winnipeg. She also spent a month in Uganda working with lions, chimpanzees, and local farmers. She has a passion for animals and loves the bond that exists between people and their pets. She is amazed at the roles and jobs that animals have in our lives and chose veterinary medicine to give something in return for all they do for us. In her professional career, she has a special interest in surgery, anesthesia, and pain management.

Outside of work Dr. Peetkau loves the outdoors; including canoeing, backpacking, camping, skiing, biking, and running. Her dog Dreyfus, a 2-year-old bearded collie is a certified therapy dog.


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