Animal Care Attendant

I have been around pets since I was young. I’ve also been an avid horseback rider for the past 9 years and have worked as a barn hand for the past couple of years. I couldn’t imagine life without animals. From cats to horses, getting to know their personalities and their different quirks is lots of fun and can make your day very entertaining. My own dog Howie had to have surgery on both hind legs. At the time, it was terrifying not knowing if he would be able to walk normally again. Now I get to help treat animals who had the same surgery. The vets at Centennial are always willing to teach me about the animals I handle.

Outside the hospital, I enjoy horseback riding lessons which include jumping and dressage. I love to bake at home, specifically cakes and decorating them. When I can, I like to hang out with friends. During the school year, I attend the University of Manitoba where I’m in the faculty of Science. I have a Labrador retriever at home named Howie and he is 9 years old. He’s a couch potato but he’s a great cuddle buddy. I also have a 5 year of tabby cat named Ivy and an orange cat named Nigel who is also 5 years old. Both love to play and you will catch them often chasing each other around the house!


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