Animal Care Attendant

I’ve spent the past 4 years shadowing veterinarians and have worked as a veterinary assistant in different hospitals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Dakota. I have over 5 years of working in general practice and emergency medicine. Nearly completed a Masters in veterinary forensic science degree at the University of Florida Vet School. I also work occasionally at an emergency practice in Fargo.

I like how challenging veterinary medicine is and it's like solving a puzzle. I’m fascinated by the science behind everything.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, swimming, gymnastics, going to movies, hanging out with my friends. I’m also a big foodie.

Two fun facts about me are that I am a crazy Pug fanatic! I also thrive in emergency medicine and love the rush you get when you successfully revive a patient or help them significantly when they are in distress.


5 Myths Surrounding Your Furry Friends’ Food

With today’s social media, we have access to an unlimited amount of knowledge on pet foods… But what is true and what is not!? Here are some common misunderstandings that can be found on the internet today!

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