Lead Registered Veterinary Technician

I started at Centennial Animal Hospital in May of 2012. I have been a veterinary technician quite some time now. During that time I have done small animal and exotic medicine, wildlife medicine/some zoo work, large animal medicine, specifically equine, as well as help tutor future veterinary technicians.

My favourite thing about being a veterinary technician (vet nurse) is the variety of work that there is. Every day is different, and my favourite thing about being with the animals is the bonds that I can make with some of the pets that come into the clinic. A lot of people don’t realize the level of attachment and closeness us veterinary technicians have with their own pets. We are often the first ones there during stressful situations and spend a lot of our own time and dedication making that pet feel safe and calm. We hold their paws through chemotherapy, we are the first thing they see when they wake up from surgery, we are the ones who closely monitor them when they are not feeling well. We create bonds, whether they are intentional or not, and that is my favourite part about my job.

My interests outside of work include being around animals as much as possible, whether its spending time with my hairless cats (or bringing them all sorts of places, like the cabin or for car rides).Taking my dog for a walk, and just being outside camping and fishing. I love my hairless cats, Lemmy and Lars. Ages 3 year and 2 years old, as well as my wiener dog (Miniature Dachshund) Lacey who is now 11 years old. I used to own a bunch of reptiles, but currently, only have a snake. I have had pets for as young as I can remember and can’t imagine my life without them.


2019 Silent Auction Christmas Fundraiser

A message from Sir Gringo the Great, Centennial Animal Hospital's clinic cat. 

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