Payroll Administrator

When you started at Centennial:  May 1977

Your position: Payroll Administrator

Why you work with animals and what you enjoy about working with the vets/animals.

When I first started, we were a mixed practice. For a city girl, I sure learned a lot about farm animals and farmers.

What your interests are outside of work:

Big football fan.  I’ve been a Bomber season ticket holder for over 40 years.  I enjoy herb gardening and reading murder mysteries.

Pet of your own (names, species, breed, age etc.)

Willow, a 15-year-old DSH who graciously allows me to share her home.

A memorable story:

One morning I didn’t realize Willow spit out one of her pills. I found it later, a bright blue tablet, stuck on her snow white chest.

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Been going here with our fur babies for years and have always been very happy with how we were treated.

Vince Loptson


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