Practice Manager

Diane Practice Manager

I’ve worked at Centennial since 1996 and moved into management in 2005. I’ve been around animals all my life including the unique experience of a mobile veterinary service in Newfoundland.

I enjoy working at Centennial and watching the doctors use their years of training to nurse animals back to health. There is a special spot in my heart for dogs that are ill and, in spite of it all, come for their appointments with tails wagging and ready to interact with the staff. Their attitudes towards life inspire me to work harder for them.

With the many years I’ve been at Centennial, I have developed many rewarding relationships with our clients and I look forward to seeing them.

I became a grandma in June 2015 and she is the apple of my eye. Watching Aidan grow up is just pure joy. I have two cats at home. Sugar is a white DSH and M&M is a black and white DSH, both are 2015 models.