Dr. Mooi


Dr. Mooi
Dr. Mooi Veterinarian

Dr. Mooi joined the team at Centennial Animal Hospital in September 2019. Throughout veterinary school, he had the opportunity to work with Worldwide Veterinary Services and Mission Rabies in Doty, India.

He enjoys working with animals and loves to make an animal's life better and by extension, their human's life as well. When he isn't at the hospital building with patients and clients, he is spending time with his two cats 'Athena' and 'Harmony' and a marginated tortoise named 'Tank'. Outside of work, Dr. Mooi enjoys an active lifestyle of soccer, hiking, NFL, wildlife watching, fishing, and golfing.

Dr. Mooi's most memorable story is of a female rottweiler who was 5 days post-partum with PCV of 13, vaginal bleeding present and a confirmed source of blood as a uterine tear. The animal was spayed and given a blood transfusion. Within 24 hours, the dog was nursing and 'back to her old self.'