Registered Veterinary Technologist

Michael Registered Veterinary Technologist

I’ve been working at Centennial since June 2010. I enjoyed attending Red River College to become an Animal Health Technologist and the opportunity to work with a variety of large and small animals. I grew up on a farm with a cow, horses, cats, dogs, sheep and pigs. I spent most of my youth with them and it was a childhood I wouldn’t trade for the world and one that prepared me well for my career as an Animal Health Technologist. Another benefit of my profession is playing a role in the stories that veterinarians strive to write happy endings to. I will never forget the first time that I assisted a vet in my hometown of St. Claude. We delivered puppies together, and that sense of satisfaction impacts my work every day.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling with my wife. I also like to golf, fish, and spend time with friends. I have 3 pets at home.

  • Lily- 1.5 years old DSH
  • Betty White – 6 month old DSH
  • Meiko – 4 year old Husky X