Microchipping a Dog

Microchips are the most successful way of identifying your dog. It provides a permanent, tamper-proof means of identification that will not fade or be lost over time. Microchips are universal, traceable, safe, sterile, confidential and secure. Protect your best friend today by calling us at 204-269-8162.

Why is it important to ensure my dog is microchipped?

A microchip is a permanent form of identification that, unlike tags and collars, cannot be removed, lost, broken or stolen. Veterinarians and shelter personnel routinely scan lost dogs and cats for microchips. Therefore, the chances of being reunited with a lost microchipped pet are high.
Although it’s unpleasant to think about, microchips are also vital in the recovery of stolen pets. Many veterinarians are alerted to lost or possibly stolen animals through fliers. So if an individual walks in with a found pet that matches the flier’s description, the veterinarian will likely scan for a microchip and take appropriate action. Owners of both indoor and outdoor pets should take advantage of microchipping, because invariably, even under the most diligent watch, pets get out of yards and houses. All it takes is an accidentally unlatched gate, a hole in the fence or the opening of a front door for a pet to make a quick getaway.

How does a microchip work and is it safe?

The implantable chip, not larger than a grain of rice, is injected just under the skin and provides a unique identification number. As soon as the microchip is implanted, a registration form is completed with the chip number, owner’s contact information, pet details and emergency contact info. Yes, it is extremely safe and can be done by one of our veterinarians or animal health technicians.

How much does it cost to Microchip a dog?

The cost of a microchip is $64.50 + taxes. This can be done in a 5-10 minute appointment. It can also be implanted during an anaesthetic procedure (often at a spay or neuter) either alone or in conjunction with an ear tattoo.

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