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Don’t Drive with a Dog on Your Lap!

A dog on your lap is a distraction and limits your ability to control your vehicle properly. The best place for a dog is in the backseat or in the hatch, restrained by a protective harness or a grill. Pet carriers in the back seat secured with seat belts is another great option. Pets riding in a driver’s lap can accidentally get between the driver’s feet and the pedals.

It is also very dangerous for your dog. During a collision, a small dog can hit the windshield with the force of a cannonball. It could also be crushed by an airbag sitting on your lap or in the passenger seat.

In the aftermath of an accident, some dogs may become panicked and try to attack first responders; unrestrained pets can also escape, get hit by a car, or bolt and become lost. So the next time you take your dogs in the car with you, will you buckle them up in the backseat?

We truly hope that you do.

Written by Centennial Animal Hospital


How to help injured and orphaned wild animals

Below are a few suggestions should you come across injured or orphaned wildlife.  First, you need to determine if the wild animal is indeed injured or abandoned without putting yourself in harm’s way. Try not to have too much contact with the animal or to disturb the surroundings. If you are unsure, it is best that you leave it be and call a wildlife specialist to notify them about the animal and its location. Certain animals like rabbits and deer often leave their young alone for long periods throughout the day. If it appears healthy and well, do not disturb the animal. 

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