The Importance of Grooming Your Pet In Winter

Contrary to popular belief dogs and cats do need to be groomed in winter. Lots of people think that their cat or dog doesn’t get dirty enough in winter to require a bath or grooming. But in reality, frequent grooming in winter is important if not more than summer to sustain a healthy coat and to avoid any matting. Matting on any animal just results in a cold, wet and infection-susceptible dog or cat.

Now as you may know there are double coated breeds and yes, they may be more “ready” for the winter months compared to the short-haired breeds. Unfortunately for those double coated owners if the coat is not properly maintained then it can become your worst nightmare. If the coat becomes matted it is no longer keeping the dog insulated or warm. In fact, it provides discomfort, pain and underneath all that could possibly cause a skin infection.

Consider your pet’s health this winter season.

Make sure you’re fully drying your dog’s coat when they come in from outside. This will help avoid them getting sick and dry and itchy skin. Make sure you’re brushing your dog to avoid any matting or tangles as those interfere with the distribution of natural oils that help with the skin and coat. With the interference that means an increase in dry skin, a dull coat, and last and certainly the worst hotspots. If your animal becomes to matted it is extremely painful to them and very time consuming to try and brush it out. The easiest and safest solution is to shave them short and start fresh before any skin and health issues arise.

Your dog’s nails do not get worn down in winter compared to summer when they go for walks. Therefore resulting in long overgrown nails. If the nails become too long it is difficult for your dog to maintain its balance on snow and ice. It also becomes painful for them to walk. Now now, we can’t forget about their paw pads, all that fur attracts excess dirt, things like rocks, mud and salt which becomes uncomfortable. Think of it as you walking around with rocks in your shoes all day, doesn’t sound too pleasant now does it? That’s how your dog will feel.

Last but not least, REGULAR BATHS with colder weather automatically results in dryer skin. By using a good shampoo and conditioner this will help with that. By following all of the above you shouldn’t have a problem at all this winter season!!

Written by Shanyce

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