A Day In the Life of A Kennel Attendant

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a kennel attendant looks like?

First, we start every morning cleaning. We let all the dogs out one at a time or with friends if they are daycare dogs. Every dog’s kennels get cleaned from top to bottom, clean blankets, fresh water, breakfast, just like at home. Any medication your dog needs would be given at this time. We suggest owners bring food because a change in diet can upset their stomach. We have a fridge for storing food for our furry friends that eat wet food, raw diet or veggies/fruits. After all the dogs have been outside we start cleaning cat kennels. The cats are let out of their kennel to roam the room and get some pats. They get their kennels cleaned, fresh water, breakfast, clean blankets, scooped litter boxes and any medications that need to be done. We then move on to exotic animals. We are lucky to get all kinds of reptiles, birds and rabbits. Their cages/kennels/aquariums get cleaned, bedding changed if needed, breakfast and fresh water.

After all our little friends are fed we are ready to start our daily cleaning. This consists of mopping floors, doing laundry, cleaning/mopping out all empty kennels and runs, so they are always clean for when a new animal arrives. We do this to ensure that our facility is up to your standards so you feel comfortable leaving your pets with us, along with preventing the spread of any bacteria that could have been brought into our kennel. During this time our daycare team comes to get all the dogs that go to daycare where they spend the next several hours playing with their friends!

10 o’clock means walks! This is when we take the dogs out into our fenced yard to relieve themselves, play ball and get some cuddle time. During this time we get to know your dogs, and it’s my favourite time of day! While one kennel attendant does walks, another will be checking on the cats making sure they’re eating and scoop their litter boxes clean. This person will also be doing community walks. Community walks are when we take your dog for either a 15 or 30-minute walk around the community on a leash at your request. This is great for dogs that are highly excitable that need some extra time to burn off energy or just any dog that enjoys their daily walk!

My lunch!

When I get back from lunch, I come in and feed any of the animals who have lunch! One kennel attendant will go to daycare so our daycare team can have their lunch. Our other kennel attendant will continue the cleaning, folding laundry, doing any dishes from lunch and our weekly/monthly cleaning list which ensure every room and our yard gets fully cleaned.

2 o’clock is afternoon walks! Again, we take all the dogs out into our fenced-in backyard to spend time outside. After walks are done, and all the cats’ litter boxes have been scooped we continue the cleaning, mopping floors and getting everything ready for the next kennel attendant to arrive.

Home time! This is when I go home and energize for the next day!

Written by Dakota Emro, Centennial Boarding & Grooming