Harmful Houseplants for Pets

Did you know that over 700 of the most common houseplants are toxic to our furry friends? Some houseplants contain harmful toxic substances that can cause mild or even severe side effects to dogs and cats if they nibble or ingest them.

Referred to on the Animal Poison Control Centre (ASPCA) website, “the consumption of any plant material may cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset for dogs and cats”; in which many plants that are listed as “poisonous” to your pet could cause symptoms that range from potentially toxic causing mild symptoms or may even be life-threatening.

The list of plants that can potentially cause an issue for your furry friends includes common plants such as tulips, azalea, aloe, Baby’s breath, begonias, etc. Also, many tuber flowers that are planted in your flower beds outside, are incredibly toxic for your pet and they find it fun to dig them up and play with them and sometimes eat them. If this is ever suspected, please call your veterinarian’s office to consult with them what the next step needs to be. However, there are still many non-toxic options when purchasing a houseplant that is safe for both you and your pet. This includes roses, daisies, orchids and a wide assortment of cacti!
Whether redecorating the home, the yard or buying flowers for a special someone, be sure to choose pet-friendly options considering it’s their home too!

For more information on toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs, cats and horses, please go to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website.

Written by Brooke Reder, Centennial Boarding & Grooming