Aiding Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Below are a few suggestions should you come across injured or orphaned wildlife.  First, you need to determine if the wild animal is indeed injured or abandoned without putting yourself in harm’s way. Try not to have too much contact with the animal or to disturb the surroundings. If you are unsure, it is best that you leave it be and call a wildlife specialist to notify them about the animal and its location. Certain animals like rabbits and deer often leave their young alone for long periods throughout the day. If it appears healthy and well, do not disturb the animal. 

If you do in fact come in contact with an injured animal, or an animal that you know for sure is abandoned, it is recommended you contact Wildlife Haven. They will help you decide what is best to ensure both the animal’s safety as well as yours. They may tell you to leave it be and they will come to pick it up.  If it is safe to do, they may inform you to carefully transport the animal to their facility or a veterinary hospital close by. They will arrange to have the animal picked up and transferred to their facility.  

Wildlife Haven is permitted to take care of a variety of different species of wild animals. Animals like skunks, bears and animals with hooves must be reported to your local Manitoba Sustainable Development office

If you would like more information on injured or abandoned wildlife you can contact Wildlife Haven directly at 204-878-3740 or visit them on

Information by:

Written by Michelle Arrowsmith, RVT