How Many Calories Are in That Treat?

We all love to offer our pets treats, whether they have done the trick, or are just looking particularly cute. There are so many choices when it comes to dog and cat treats, as well as all the goodies available to our guinea pigs, rabbits and birds of all sizes.

When choosing an appropriate treat, it is important to consider the calories in each treat. It is very easy, in smaller animals especially, to offer more than the recommended daily calorie intake by feeding too many irresistible sounding treats.

Finding the caloric content of a treat can be as simple as looking at the back of the bag, or going to the company’s website. Sometimes, it is necessary to call the company’s toll-free phone number. If the caloric content is not available, look for feeding instructions on the bag.

If the information is available, a good guideline to follow is not to allow treats to make up more than 10% of a pet’s daily caloric intake. Most cat treats do not contain more than three calories each. The calories in dog treats can vary from 5 calories per treat to 250 calories per treat, so checking is very important.

The treats we carry in-stock or order for our clients are suitable for cats and dogs, whether they have special dietary requirements, or need an irresistible treat! We can also help with any questions regarding feeding guidelines.

Written by Tara, RVT