2019 Silent Auction Christmas Fundraiser

A message from Sir Gringo the Great, Centennial Animal Hospital’s clinic cat. 

“Dis da the silent auction that me is selling tickets for at my home. It’s for my friends at the Canadian Animal Blood Bank so more doggos and kitty’s can be heroes JUST LIKE ME! in case ya didn’t know…. i gave up my blood so now me tinks we need to help others. I will pick all da winners-on Dec 23 at noon and my hoomans will use dat fancy phone ting to call ya since I don’t speak hooman….. yet.

$10 for a sheet of 25 tickets (sorry if ya gets one wit chew marks, me loves paper)

All my friends can come pet me at the clinic and get tickets or they can send an e-transfer to my reception hoomans at info@centennialanimalhospital.com and tell dem what packages you want tickets for. I’ll try not to chew da tickets. I pawmise.

Me also selling Christmas bandanas, catnip pillows and knotties. (I love da knotties)”

To see all thirteen packages up for auction, check out the images below!



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